Camellia Women’s Imaging was established to provide the women of Alabama the compassionate, state of the art, breast imaging services they deserve. Founded by Dr. Monika Tataria, Camellia is the only breast-imaging center in Birmingham, owned by, run by, and focused on women.  Camellia’s For Women By Women approach ensures all women will receive the highest level of cutting edge care in a warm and compassionate environment.



doctor-patientDuring Dr. Tataria’s 15 years of practicing medicine, she has witnessed fast paced working environments where communication with patients is often minimized.

At Camellia Imaging we love talking to women.  With the continually changing medical technologies and the changing procedures for care offered in women’s health, the Camellia Imaging team believes it is always important to slow down and take the time to thoroughly discuss all options and results with the women seeking care.  Women who go to Camellia Imaging will always know the results of their screening mammograms the same day as their test.  The radiologist that reads the exam will sit down with each patient and carefully explain the results immediately after reading each study.  If any additional studies are required, they will be executed the same day.  If a Biopsy is required, Camellia will perform the procedure the same day as the original mammogram… or the following day if necessary.  The expedited process and thorough communication will minimize anxiety throughout the entire process.


3D-mammography-machineA friend once told us that she was offered a 3D mammogram at her last screening appointment.  There was an additional charge for the 3D test, and she asked why should she pay extra for the 3D exam.  The technologist performing the exam could not tell our friend the benefits or difference of either test so she opted for the cheaper 2D option.  This experience will never happen at Camellia Imaging.  If a test is recommended, the benefits provided by the test will be clearly explained, and all questions will be thoroughly answered.

Camellia Imaging utilizes all of the latest Hologic 3D technology for mammography.  The reason Camellia chose the Hollogic 3D Technology system is the systems unique ability to provide tomosynthesis (multiple plane imaging) in both the standard views.  Other 3D mammography systems only allow for tomosynthesis in one view. It is the only 3D technology that has been shown to decrease call back rates and improve cancer detection. Camellia Imaging will always choose the technology that we believe provides the most benefit for our patients.

We have also chosen Hologic Discovery A technology for DEXA imaging that is capable of evaluating not only bone density, vertebral fracture assessment without the need to have uncomfortable positioning, and body composition with 216 detectors (more than most machines).

We have chosen Siemens ultrasound units that have the latest technology and have been optimized for breast imaging to improve detection of breast lesions.


comfortWe believe women would like to avoid hospitals if at all possible.  From the risk of infection (According to the CDC, there are 1.7 million health-care-associated infections every year), the dreary atmosphere, or the difficult parking and access, any circumstance that requires a trip to hospital is an unfortunate circumstance.  Camellia has tried to alleviate the stress of getting a mammogram by providing a central location.  Conveniently located in Hoover Alabama, on Valleydale Road, between I65 and Hwy 31, Camellia Imaging provides a central location for the many residents of central Alabama.

Camellia Imaging has ample parking located only a few steps from the office door.   Patients at Camellia Imaging are offered the comforts of home.  The peaceful interior setting will remind women of coming to a home rather than a clinic.  Luxury robes… not paper gowns will be provided to all women.  We understand that women deserve comfort and respect when going through the Women’s imaging process.


convenienceWe provide same day results for screening and diagnostic mammograms and eliminate “call backs” (second appointments). Breast biopsy services are also provided the same day or next day. Your results, breast heath counseling, and explanation of technology will be provided in a face to face session with the physician interpreting your studies. At Camellia, your mammogram and breast imaging will be performed in an atmosphere designed to minimize your anxiety and discomfort.

We know that the women of Birmingham have stressful and busy lives.  Nobody has “time” for breast cancer, but in the unfortunate situation where it does arise, we will provide the results to a woman and her family face to face with the opportunity to ask questions about her future care and treatments and cure.  We also provide concierge services to arrange for future care and appointments so that the woman can focus on her health and family.